Who We Are

We are a global solution provider for consumer finance market players. We at Statlogics specialize in risk management and retail lending business consulting and we provide a consumer finance platform, our software suite covers the whole life cycle of consumer loans from loan origination to collections management.

Statlogics is a knowledge center for risk assessment and management. Our team of experienced consultants provide support for companies in different industries dealing with a mass number of customers. We help our partners to manage their business risks and optimize their processes.

As a member of the Asseco group, one of the biggest software houses in Europe, we are part of a global network. As a local distributor we provide IT solutions to different sectors of industries such as banking and insurance, telecommunication, public administration, energy and healthcare.

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IT solutions

CrediLogic our range of software has been designed to manage consumer finance applications and to support credit decisions. Its modular architecture allows easy implementation in various IT environments and its flexibility enables it to be tailored to your requirements.


Expertise & Consulting

Our experts provide professional consultation and services related to credit risk management, scorecard development, sales process improvement and marketing strategies to help you achieve your business goals.


The Asseco portfolio

As a local distributor, we provide sales and project management services to Asseco’s wide range of IT solutions. Our experience in your market and worldwide project management provides quick and efficient implementation.

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12th Annual Credit Risk Management Forum

We are proud to have participated on The 12th Annual Credit Risk Management Forum that took place in Vienna on the 8th and 9th of June, 2016. Statlogics Zrt. was one of the event’s sponsors, emphasizing the importance of ri...Read more...

Smart Risk Management Workshop in Kiev

Turbulent economic environment and ever changing business conditions mean constantly increasing challenges for the Ukrainian banking industry. Hence, operational efficiency and smart credit risk decisions became crucial topics for key market players. As a global solution provider for consumer finance market players and an expert in risk management and retail lending business consulting, Statlog...Read more...