Statlogics History

On July 01, 2016 GlobeNet Zrt. and Statlogics Zrt. merged under the name of Asseco Central Europe Magyarország Zrt.

The main reason for the merger is to achieve a solid market position for Asseco Group in Hungary, which could also create further opportunities for expansion.

Statlogics was founded in 1996 to provide clients with data analysis, scorecard development and risk assessment services. During its cooperation with some of the most demanding firms involved in retail activity, such as banks and telecommunication companies, Statlogics recognized that consultancy services can be best supported with an industry best practice IT solution. The first version of CrediLogic was rolled out at OTP Bank in Hungary in 2004.

In 2009 Statlogics became part of the Asseco group and today is the consumer finance competence center of the group, as well as the distributor and provider of the group’s solutions in Hungary and other geographies.

million loan applications per year
million transactions per year
billion EUR credit financed yearly

The Asseco Group

The Asseco Group is a federation of companies engaged in information technology offering comprehensive, proprietary IT solutions for all sectors of the economy. With more than half of its revenue originating from the group’s own solutions, Asseco ranks as the number 6 software vendor in Europe. Asseco Group operates in most European countries as well as in Israel, USA, Japan and Canada. Asseco Group companies are listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange, Tel Aviv Stock Exchange, and the American NASDAQ Global Markets.

largest software producer in CEE
largest IT company in Europe
Employees worlwide
location in different countries
million EUR total revenue
million EUR EBITDA
Statlogics háttér

The Statlogics team

It’s the quality, integrity and commitment of our people that distinguishes Statlogics in the market. Our team is full of smart, driven and energetic people with wide industrial know-how and best practice expertise. We work closely with our customers in achieving their business goals.

We are responsible

Social responsibility and environmental sustainability are key issues for all of us at Statlogics, therefore we support multicultural diversity and social openness to promote a community that supports cultural evolution.