Asseco Hungary is the consortium partner of Agit FIEK

As a result of a strategic R&D&I cooperation, Szent István University and its partners in the consortium will create an Agro-Informatics Center for Higher Education and Cooperation (AGIT FIEK) in Gödöllő, to which the National Research, Development and Innovation Fund grants non-refundable subsidy of HUF 1.482.127.690. Within the framework of a 4-year long project, launched … Continued

12th Annual Credit Risk Management Forum

We are proud to have participated on The 12th Annual Credit Risk Management Forum that took place in Vienna on the 8th and 9th of June, 2016. Statlogics Zrt. was one of the event’s sponsors, emphasizing the importance of risk management problems from decision theory approach. The forum was remarkable for our ever changing and … Continued

Smart Risk Management Workshop in Kiev

Turbulent economic environment and ever changing business conditions mean constantly increasing challenges for the Ukrainian banking industry. Hence, operational efficiency and smart credit risk decisions became crucial topics for key market players. As a global solution provider for consumer finance market players and an expert in risk management and retail lending business consulting, Statlogics held … Continued

The great Statlogics run

It was already hot in the morning when the teams met up in the historic surroundings of Budapest’s Hero’s Square to take the obligatory team picture. Statlogics teams mixed well into the 10 000 or more strong crowd of amateur sportsmen. When the starting pistol was fired the temperature had risen well above 40c, but the heat did not … Continued

Rusfinance, the Russian consumer finance entity of Société Générale is a satisfied customer of CrediLogic, the consumer finance platform of Statlogics.

In fact CrediLogic allowed Rusfinance to provide top quality services to its retail partners and final customers by precise management and fast processing of a large number of credit applications during the 2014 Christmas peak period. The highest volume of applications reached almost 8000 per day, while the rush hours saw more than 1000 applications managed. CrediLogic stood up … Continued

Asseco Magyarország is the official representative of Euronovate in Hungary

On 22 June 2017, Euronovate SA and Asseco Magyarország signed an exclusive cooperation agreement, thus our company is now the official representative of Euronovate in Hungary. Euronovate was founded in 2012 in Switzerland and since then their main focus has been digital transformation solutions, which helps global companies go fully digital by transforming their paper-based … Continued

PRIMA Fraud Management Workshop

On April 5, 2016 we have organized a conference on fraud management together with the Hungarian Chapter of PRMIA. Statlogics was the sponsor of the event, we provided the venue and catering. Our consultants, Mr. Sandor Kovacs and Mr. Norbert Szabo, had a presentation as well. There was a strong lineup, it was an honour … Continued

SOLVENCY II – market leader solution from Asseco Denmark

Statlogics and Asseco Denmark have, together, set out on a journey to conquer the  Hungarian insurance companies market in terms of provision of Solvency II solutions. For this reason they organized a business breakfast early in 2015 to introduce the product to the market. Representatives from 9 different insurance companies, as well as the National … Continued