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Our solution, CrediLogic is a consumer credit platform for financial market layers. CrediLogic covers the entire progress of the credit lifetime, from origination and decision processing to loan account management and collection facilities.

With its modular architecture CrediLogic can be easily and quickly integrated in various IT environments. The modules are available as a comprehensive package or as standalone modules for dedicated purposes.

The state of the art ergonomy of CrediLogic allows access to all business functions in a few clicks only, simple and quick data capture ensures sound data quality with predictive selections from drop-down boxes and cross-field validations enforce basic business rules and KO criterias real time online.

CrediLogic can be easily customized to individual business needs via its SOA based architecture, ensuring the fast implementation of new credit products or processes, allowing effective realizationof new ideas or reaction to market changes.

Statlogics products
Statlogics products
Statlogics products
Statlogics products
Statlogics products
Statlogics products

Loan origination

Boost your sales with the CrediLogic web based front-end module!

CrediLogic supports increasing revenues and profitability by decreasing loan distribution costs. CrediLogic is an omni-channel front-end providing cross-channel communication and access to customer information through any device via its responsive design. The distribution network can be expanded and managed through the cloud in real time. Branches, retail partners, broker networks,insurance providers or any third party providers can be managed and monitored online.

Ergonomic data capture and intelligent search functions make the loan origination process quick and easy. Predictive selection from drop-down boxes and cross-field validations ensure sound data quality and supports credit decision reliability. The built-in process parameterization features allows the product to be tailored to the specific needs of each customer.

With CrediLogic you will lead the market and let competition react to your innovations!

Decision engine

Make smart decisions with the Credilogic work-flow based decision engine!

CrediLogic provides a full solution to credit risk management. With CrediLogic the configuration of the risk decision workflow takes just a few clicks.

All types of information can be made available to the Decision Engine from the front end to the master data centers of the bank and external databases, such as credit bureaus or even social media platforms. This information can then be used over a drag and drop user interface to apply scoring and create risk rules to take fully automated decisions in a matter of seconds or route applications to manual intervention.

With the work-flow based decision process you can adapt to market changes in a matter of seconds, while your data is always kept secure and all changes to the system and all business events managed are tracked and monitored.
The CrediLogic Decision Engine allows the testing and measuring of the effectiveness of the risk policies, by supporting the application of champion/challenger strategies and multiple scorecards at the same time. Depending on the information available application scoring or behavioral scoring can be implemented. Propensity to buy, fraud or churn scores can also be set to improve the performance of your risk assessment.

The Decision Engine will guide the decision route among participating teams and orchestrate all systems to perform their parts of the risk assessment process quickly and efficiently.

Streamline the performance of your teams and infrastructure to be the most effective player in your market with CrediLogic.

Loan account management

Support your clients in all their credit related questions!

The CrediLogic loan account management module will support operations from credit disbursement to account closing. The system is configured around transactions and each business event can be traced back to the original transactions.

All customer information is presented on a single screen, providing all the necessary information that clients might need. All operations can be also performed from the main customer screen, while details of each transaction, business event or operation can be traced back. Should your client request a transaction history, a rescheduling of existing loans or an early repayment, all information can be provided by just a few clicks, and personalized document templates can be printed from within the same screens.

Transactions can be initiated individually upon customer demand or by events triggered by external systems (repayments). The processing of transactions can be managed in real-time, case by case or can be organized into groups of jobs to be run in batches.

Keep a close control on your valuable customer information with CrediLogic LAM!


Rule your risks with the CrediLogic Collection module!

The best operations manage a controlled risk. With the CrediLogic collection system, debt collection becomes a customer service tool.

From early warning to write-off, the process is based on our 20 years of international best practices and can be tailored to the specific needs of each company. CrediLogic Collection is a full scale solution for automating the debt management processes.

CrediLogic enables financial institutions to monitor the efficiency of the collection strategies and processes in real-time and adjust workloads to available capacities, while providing personalized collection facilities. Approach your customers the way they prefer to be communicated with, emails, SMSs, phone calls, letters or over the Internet.

CrediLogic Collection is an omnichannel collection tool, that allows personalized management of customers with payment defaults.

CrediLogic Cloud

Operate efficiently from the cloud!

Statlogics comprehensive services include providing operations from the cloud. We can provide the hosting of the full IT infrastructure, reducing the investment to set up an efficient end-to-end retail lending system.

This solution best serves large multi-country institutions where a centralized control over world-wide operations is simple and allows smooth scaling. With our pay per use business model, the time taken to reach the break-even for expanding operations is reduced.

However, small institutions with limited resources can also benefit from this type of set-up, allowing the outsourcing of IT operations in a Software as a Service mode and adjusting investments to rolling out of operations.

Leave the IT to us and focus on business with CrediLogic Cloud!

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Expertise & Consulting

  • Risk management consulting

    Improve your risk management methods by using our knowedge base!

  • Risk modeling

    Statlogics has traditional expertise in modeling

  • Underwriting process development

    We bring you a holistic view of your underwriting

  • Optimizing collection processes

    We show you a complete picture of your collection process

  • Process improvement

    Mapping and analyzing business processes

  • Fraud management

    Increase the efficiency of fraud management with our support.

Statlogics’ risk management experts provide consulting services covering the whole lending process from scorecard development to workflow optimization or cut-off and pricing model building to name just a few. Our process audit can support the harmonization of manual and automated processes to provide a smooth decision process and efficient underwriting. Our multi-dimensional risk assessment logic, where credit risk, fraud risk and indebtedness are all taken into account, allows a controlled risk appetite for best profit generation.

Questions such as:

  • Is client acquisition supporting all processes related to risk assessment?
  • Are the workflow elements harmonized with each other?
  • Is there any redundancy in the workflow?
  • Are all the models up to date?

can be easily answered by our best practice international standard methodologies.

The most difficult part of a modeling project is translating the problem into mathematical terms and creating a framework that represents a simplified reality. We provide modeling solutions for several risk management topics:

  • Application scorecards (default estimation)
  • Behavior scorecards (to support review)
  • Cut-off models
  • Probability of recovery (to support collections)
  • Indebtedness (with estimating income and living cost)
  • Headcount models for manual processes (to optimize operations)
  • Customer value analysis.

Client acquisition is not only a sales activity, it is the most important decision making process for risk management. Risk managers have to make fast, accurate and profound decisions. Decision makers have to understand the value of complex information and have to trust in several models and a variety of systems created and operated by their colleagues. Hence, we have a standard approach for underwriting process management and process improvement that includes a focus on the following topics:

  1. Reports: do risk reports contain all the necessary information for decision making?
  2. Targets: what are the most important goals derived from corporate strategy?
  3. Efficiency: do we understand income and cost elements?
  4. Models: do they really reflect the reality?
  5. Sensitivity analysis: can we find the bottleneck of our workflow that makes it more expensive, slow or less predictive?

Acquisition is only the first stage of the customer lifecycle. In the vast majority of cases, almost every customer is added to the collection process at least once throughout the lifecycle of the loan. All collection managers have to know what kind of collection activity is needed for different customer profiles. Is payment default just a one-time effect, or we have to adjust conditions for the client in order to avoid loss? A well-designed debt management system provides the answer for its users. There are predictions about the likelihood of self-recovery, who might require collection action and when we need to use restructuring solutions. Collection effectiveness is well-defined and controlled.

By mapping and analyzing business processes our consultants can help to improve business process efficiencies by streamlining them to the workloads and available resources.

As part of our process audit services Statlogics, as an independent 3rd party, can assess all processes, focus on specific topics and propose solutions objectively.

Statlogics can set up a KPI structure that allows the monitoring of the processes and the efficiency of the performance of the company, from network infrastructure bottlenecks to sales process bandwidth or workload distribution.

There can be customers who want to have an unfair gain and show a misleading behaviour, they are fraudsters who cause serious losses for banks. Their characteristics are different from those ones who simply can’t pay because of financial problems. The development of fraud management systems is especially important in the banking and telecom sectors. We can help to create any third party monitoring tools in order to prevent third party fraud. Our experts have developed such systems during their experience and are aware of international best practices.

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The Asseco portfolio

The Asseco group is the 6th largest software producer in Europe. The group provides comprehensive IT solutions to most sectors of the industry from banking and finance to telecommunications, healthcare, education, utilities, public sector or the armed forces.

As a local distributor we provide sales and project management services to Asseco’s wide range of IT solutions. Our experience in the Hungarian market allows quick and efficient implementation and time to market.

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