Providing banking software has been one of the primary specializations of Asseco since the beginning. The group is constantly focusing on enhancing and complementing the product portfolio of IT solutions, that are tailored to the demanding expectations of the banking industry. Asseco is able to deliver state of the art software solutions coupled with highly professional IT services for virtually any need of the financial industry.

The wide range of the Asseco banking software covers core banking systems, multichannel delivery solutions, branch systems, back-office systems, business intelligence applications, reporting and compliance applications, risk management solutions, etc. The group's solutions are being used by large international banks across different countries as well as by smaller financial institutions like cooperative banks.

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Universal Front End

As part of the def 3000 banking software suite, UFE provides a universal and consistent user interface to integrate all the necessary functionalities of various IT systems used by bank employees on a daily basis. Universal Front End allows for the mapping of the workflow of complex business processes, which are performed with the help of multiple distributed systems, into a single versatile user interface. This solution provided by Asseco greatly enhances the efficiency of services and is a guarantee to successful customer relations.

As consumers become more digitally driven, optimizing the channel experience, taking advantage of alternative distribution channels and figuring out the role of physical branches in a virtual world become issues of the utmost importance to banks.

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Customer Banking Platform

CBP is a complex solution for internet and mobile banking in order to integrate communication channels of the bank regardless of the devices used by customers. The platform enables banks to customize their offers for different user groups. An innovative boutique of mini-applications allows customers to freely personalize the application to their tastes and needs.

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Advanced Cash Management

On the Asseco product map, ACM is dedicated to comprehensive support of processes, connected with cash management in financial institutions. It is most useful in coordinating a large-scale network of bank units and the cash transfers between them. ACM supports the monitoring and management of cash circulation at all stages, beginning from the analysis of the current cash states, the preparation of withdrawal predictions, to the management and monitoring of cash transport. The

system guarantees a quick return on investment by the significant reduction of transportation costs and the optimization of cash inventories.

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The solution of Asseco for processing treasury transactions and financial instruments on the interbank market and with internal customers of the Bank is a platform for investing in financial instruments and competing to acquire new customers in the rapidly changing environment of financial markets.

The system provides complete transaction processing, from the moment of conclusion of a deal to final settlement. Available interfaces for external and internal systems offer the automation of activities of the operators.

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The Asseco Group has a long-term and successful cooperation with all types of players in the insurance sector across the world. The group is cooperating with local and international insurance companies both life and non life, intermediaries as well as with insurance market supervisory institutions. Asseco is delivering not only well known and appreciated core insurance systems but also a variety of solutions dedicated to specific areas of insurance activities such as Solvency II reporting, accounting and payment, claim management, reinsurance, pricing, sales, commissions and product definition.

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SII Engine

The SII Engine is a ready to use software solution that is fully compliant with the Solvency II EIOPA directive. Due to its Danish origin, where the EIPOA directive was introduced as early as 2014, it is the most tested and approved Solvency II. solution in Europe, with valid and live experiences, that is available in the market. The SII Engine fully covers the scope of all 3 pillars of the directive while reducing the manual workload and the cost of compliance by enabling users to prepare all reports within 2 days as per existing experiences with the tool. The solution being market leader in Denmark, over 35 companies have already used it for annual and quarterly reporting, an unequalled track record in the world.

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StarINS - A complex IT platform for insurance

StarINS represents a comprehensive enterprise level solution for commercial insurance companies covering life and general insurance. StarINS is flexible in its own definition of insurance. It can be considered as a platform that enables the customizing of a solution according to all the needs of the company. This process-oriented solution supports all front- and back-office operations including active steering and notification of the end-user in a workflow based module. The modules of StarINS are linked to each other into one consistent system in order to offer a full coverage of all functions of the insurance company.

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Asseco has been operating in the telecommunications sector for over 20 years. Such a large experience fructified in strategic partnership agreements with the major telecommunications operators across Europe. Asseco solutions are reliable and flexible, and can be easily customized to all kind of telco clients. Asseco Group offers a wide portfolio in areas such as Billing & Customer Finance Management, Fraud & Revenue Protection, CRM, Sales, Product Catalogue, Customer Self Management, Order Capture, Portals, data warehouses and business intelligence and many more.

The deep knowledge and experience in development and integration of third party products into customer’s environments, building complex and efficient new telco systems, makes it a crucial and valuable part of the Asseco offer.

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The long-term presence of Asseco on the power and gas markets provides a deep understanding of the specificities of these industries. Asseco focuses on the ultimate benefits for customers from the application of suitable IT systems. Our solutions are successfully used by the largest groups in the energy and gas supply sectors. The Asseco solution for billing systems is suited to support multi-million client databases and is adapted to the latest market changes. In the portfolio there are, among others, systems for management of technical infrastructure and real estate properties, GIS/NIS state of the art solutions, systems for readout collection, internet customer service applications and more.

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The Asseco Group is continuing to build on its extensive experience and rich history in a leading position in delivering comprehensive IT solutions for all type of healthcare institutions. Our client list includes hundreds of the largest hospitals and the majority of treatment centers in CEE region.
Asseco enjoys professional expertise in development, implementation and deployment of state of the art IT systems for health insurance companies, sophisticated systems for hospitals and complete
IT solutions for outpatient clinics.

Our expert team of professionals knows intimately the needs of the medical sector and is ready to deliver all kind of software solutions to meet the clients’ expectations. It is also worthy to mention that a crucial part of the expertise comes from Israel, a global innovation center in the world; an unquestionable pioneer in health information technology. Intelligent and comprehensive systems are specially adapted to the unique requirements of the health sector and offer the most advanced applications for the management of all administrative, logistic, and financial operations in the largest medical centers.

The Asseco group also has a healthcare solution provider from Hungary. GlobeNet services can be consulted online at their website:

Public Institutions

In the central public administration, Asseco is specialized in the creation and delivery of solutions for situations that cannot be handled by standard means and tools. For local public administration we provide solutions based on our own software solution, which is characterized by a high degree of customization and focus on the key processes that are highly specific for local administrations. The largest projects carried out in this area include solutions for the Ministry of Interior, Agriculture, Transport, and Finance and we also cooperate with the Supreme Audit Office, Central Statistical Offices and many other agencies and ministries in Poland.

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Enterprise Resource Planning

The Asseco Group offers a full range of own-made modern ERP software for small, medium and large enterprises. All the systems include integrated company management IT tools. With extensive functionality and modular composition, our state of-the art software is capable of handling most business processes of organizations operating in any kind of industry.

The Asseco Group offers specialized applications for either general business or such sectors as public administration, health, finance, logistics, production, mechanical and plant engineering, vehicle construction, automotive, wholesalers, service providers, shop fitters, planning and scheduling and many others. The programs are continually being developed and improved to live up to the clients' growing needs, so that they can always build on the latest tools for the management of modern businesses. Bearing in mind the specific needs and specificities of our customers, we also offer consultation and implementation services within the scope of SAP, Oracle and Microsoft ERP solutions.

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IT Infrastructure

The Asseco Group provides end-to-end infrastructure services including computing and communication solutions. We deliver services essential to the planning, installation and configuration of data transmission networks of all scales and facilitating the efficient exchange of information among computer networks using the latest data transmission technologies. We also deliver equipment, network infrastructure subsystems (e.g. Cisco Systems, Hewlett-Packard, 3COM, Enterasys, D-link) and project services based on our team members’ years of experience and their best practices in data transmission. Worldwide coverage by sales, service, distribution networks and help desk support enables us to offer a quick and reliable service to our customers across Europe.

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