Statlogics delivers a full feature credit card product solution to UniCredit Consumer Finance Romania


The innovative credit card product was launched at UniCredit with the support of Statlogics. The credit card offer ranges from standard to gold products for the MasterCard scheme and is fully packed with high-end features to be competitive on the demanding Romanian market.

At the end of 2013 UCFin decided to implement a credit card solution adapted to the Romanian market; a market saturated with players, fighting for customers both on the

issuing and the acquiring sides. It is not uncommon to see a store cash desk flooded with POS terminals belonging to different banks who build up their own acquiring networks to provide cheaper interchange fees, to attract merchants and provide services available on the terminals to customers. Credit cards are fully packed with features such US type cash back (or cash out) options, loyalty and “Multiplan” features, that are core elements of the new product launched by UCFin with CrediLogic.


The Multiplan feature of credit cards in Romania allows access to an unlimited number of classical fixed term annuity-based loans embedded in the revolving credit limit of the card. With this feature, end of month repayment of the outstanding balance does not become mandatory for the full amount to benefit from the grace period of the card. It also allows the bank to run strong promotions with differentiated interests applied to different types of transactions or usage channels. In fact Multiplan loans are accessible via the POS terminals at any member store of the UniCredit acquiring network at the time of purchase or on demand at the call center, with the possibility to unite one or more past transactions into a single Multiplan loan.

Multiplan allows customers instant access to credit and enables the simple extension of the retail sales network of the bank without having to sign contracts with or make commission payments to stores.

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